I'm BJAX, a dutch house DJ. This site contains my portfolio to give you an idea of what BJAX is all about.

Work I've done

I record my sets often, to learn and to share. My sets are on mixcloud and in the BJAX Live podcast (for iTunes and RSS see links in the footer of this website). You can listen to them there, or just hit a play button below. You can filter the sets below on category. As a DJ you need to adjust to the crowd, so every party needs a different approach. I stick to house music, but use different styles at different parties. Energy is more uptempo, Underground is a mix of deep, tech and old skool house and Deep and Lounge is to relax. Just pick a category or listen to all to get an idea of my taste in house music.

About BJAX

I've been playing in clubs since the 80's and witnessed the birth of house music. I've been influenced by disco, hip-hop and funk. I all love this stuff, so a lot of tracks I play contain elements of these genres. I'm addicted to the groove of house music, I can listen to the signature hihat all day long. I play Pioneer gear and prefer 3 decks, allthough I can play sets on two also. I also own two classic Technics SL-1200 turntables and collect dance classics of all genres on vinyl. I learned to beatmatch with vinyl by ear, a skill that comes in handy sometimes, even when playing CDJ's. I like to prepare my sets well, allthough just "fooling" around with music is my favorite thing to do. I do this allmost every day and try to be creative.